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Ion, Fuel Level

From Dakota Digital

The Ion Series of instrumentation from Dakota Digital offers the latest in modern styling, cutting edge technology and the utmost digital accuracy for your custom ride! The Ion Series was designed to set itself apart from the standard gauge look offering sleek, streamlined instrumentation to match the theme of today’s high tech vehicles. Enclosed in fully machined aluminum housings the Ion Series offers a truly astounding look to match the superb performance.

Range: 0- 99%

  • Choice of either Teal or Blue display.
  • Choice of either Satin or Chrome bezel.
  • Machined aluminum bezel and housing.

* Non-glare lens option available on Teal display only.

Gauge preset to work with the following fuel senders resistance ranges:

Sender Type                              Empty Resistance                         Full Resistance     

GM30                                                   0ohms                                              30ohms   

GM90                                                   0ohms                                              90ohms

GM250                                               40ohms                                            250ohms

Ford10                                               73ohms                                              10ohms

Ford150                                             20ohms                                            150ohms

VDO                                                    10ohms                                             180ohms

Stewart Warner/Sun                       240ohms                                             33ohms

Import                                                112ohms                                               4ohms

Sensor SEN-06-1 available for universal applications, fits most fuel tanks.              

 Only  $34.95
SKU: SEN-06-1
Fuel Level Sensor